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a mythic figure common among Native North Americans, South Americans, and Africans. Usually male but occasionally female or disguised in female form, he is notorious for exaggerated biological drives and well-endowed physique; partly divine, partly human, and partly animal, he is an often amoral and comic troublemaker. The Winnebago trickster Wakdjunkaga scattered all creation across the earth through his flatulence. Natives of the Pacific NW believe that the Raven, after miniaturizing himself and entering the daughter of a chief, was able to emerge disguised as an infant and steal the box in which the chief hid the sun, thus bringing light into the world. Peoples of the plateaus of the NW United States believe that good fishing is found near settlements that gained the favor of the coyote by allowing him to copulate with their women. Tales of tricksters are ironic arenas in which corporeality and transcendence, the individual and society, meaning and the absurd, are mediated and celebrated.
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Deldon Anne McNeely and Ricki Stephanie Tannen, for example, both approach tricksters from archetypal and psychoanalytical modes of inquiry without delving too much into individual female tricksters and her accompanying narratives.
Sin embargo, en sus indices y clasificaciones a menudo calificaban de "adversarios sobrenaturales" a muchos tricksters, casi por un prejuicio prosopografico o fenomenologico.
Picaresque Fiction Today: The Trickster in Contemporary Anglophone and Italian Literature
The tricksters have been active in Netherton, from Bourn View Road to the Bird Estate.
A este marco general le sumamos aquello que constituye el aporte de nuestro estudio: la relacion entre sujeto y objeto se concreta en el hecho de que los tres personajes se comportan como tricksters y toman la apariencia de huacchas para satisfacer su carencia.
Tricksters are traced to many cultures: African/Anansi; African/Zomo; African-American/Brer Rabbit; African-American/ Molly Cottontail; Asian/Badger; Asian/ Sung; European/Fox; Jewish/Hershel; Caribbean/Anancy; Latino/Coyote; Middle Eastern/Hodja; Native American/Iktomi; Native American/Raven; and Pacific Islander/Maui (Young & Ferguson, 1995).
Miguel's character teases out different elements of gender and performance through the trickster figure, asserting, "The really nice thing about tricksters is that they can change gender--they can cross back and forth.
CJ PRODUCTS INTRODUCES TRICKSTERS HELMETS, Pillow Pets character-inspired plush helmets developed to encourage kids to exercise safety on their bicycles, scooters, rollerblades and skateboards in a fun way.
The "charming" tricksters have conned pensioners into handing over bank cards and PINs, stealing thousands from their accounts.
She compares Harpo to tricksters in folktales, myths, and legends from around the world and describes him as a trickster within his historical context.
What do conjurers, shapeshifters, alchemists, transformers and tricksters all have in common besides the magical grip they hold on our collective imagination?
Black-hat tricksters are the bane of today's marketplace.