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(1) See TP monitor.

(2) (Transactions Per Minute) The number of transactions processed within one minute. See TPS.

(3) (Trusted Platform Module) A security chip from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) that is typically built into the motherboard of a PC. It provides secure key generation by generating a private key that is stored in the chip and cannot be divulged to hackers. See TCG.

(4) (Tire Pressure Monitoring) The real-time monitoring of a vehicle's tire pressure. The TPM sensors are inside each tire, and when the pressure falls below a set threshold, the wireless transmitter sends a signal to the dashboard to turn on an alert light. The sensor contains lithium batteries that will eventually lose their charge and require replacement. Although TPM sensors were optional in some car models in the 1990s, they became standard in U.S. cars in 2008. See automotive safety systems.

A TPM Sensor
The sensor resides inside the tire attached directly to the valve stem, and it can be damaged if the tire goes entirely flat. Like parts for all cars, TPM sensors differ depending on make and model. This one is for an older Porsche 911. (Image courtesy of Parts Geek,
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Manila said the Philippines's current trigger price for corn is 5 cents per kilogram (kg), but the import price for the last three years average 31 cents.
Though, the fundamental pressure remains, the brokerage house feels particular attention should be given to the developments on company's auto venture, in partnership with Hyundai motors that can possibly trigger price performance.
Losing part of this year's crop shouldn't trigger price increases for rice used for food, or for cereal or beer that use rice as an ingredient, he said.
However, no detail of the trigger price to fire up Huntly has been given and there is no indication of how much of up to 150 Megawatts of extra capacity is committed to Meridian as compared to other generators.
That is, there is an underlying supply glut that could trigger price slides anytime.
However, if the five-year national market price history includes one year or more in which that price falls below the crop's PLC trigger price, then the PLC trigger price is used in place of the national average market price in computing the ARC trigger revenue for a crop.
However, too much competition can trigger price wars and hurt profitability of investors.
You may also choose to time the water heating (and perhaps your shower, if you have a flexible schedule) based on the price you pay for electricity; you have programmed in your trigger prices in your home-management system, and if the price forecast for your usual shower time is higher than the trigger price, the water heater can preheat water for your shower, saving you money with no loss of comfort or convenience.
Islamabad -- The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday opposed move of the government to deregulate prices of sugar terming it against the interests of masses as it will trigger price hike, says a press release issued here on Wednesday.
The company, slammed in the past for its tax affairs, said the move wouldn't trigger price rises.
The company, slammed in the past for their tax affairs, said the move wouldn't trigger price rises.
That said Google's free international roaming service, if implemented, could have a huge impact on the West telecom market, trigger price wars and subsequently make the market more competitive.