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Such chains are more frequently found as vertical fills in the interior of triglyphs or in the narrow body zones of small stirrup jars.
(104) The triglyphs are usually groups of vertical lines only, although interior fills, such as the FM 57 net (264, Fig.
"Doric column: a channeled column without a base, having as a capital a circular echinus supporting a square abacus, above which comes a plain architrave, a frieze of triglyphs and metopes, and a cornice the corona of which has mutules on its soffit."
"Metopes." This time, I quickly thumbed to the entry and read, "metope: any of the square spaces between triglyphs."
436--92): triglyphs, simas, anta capitals, mouldings.
In discussing columns and capitals, for example, orders are delineated: Doric characteristics are its frieze with alternating metopes and triglyphs; Ionic with characteristic scrolled capitals and fluted columns; and Corinthian with its capital covered with rows of acanthus leaves.
(11) The contre-partie coffer of the Getty Museum pair has a stand with marquetry of the same pattern as the stand at Blenheim, although it is clear from the comparison that the Blenheim stand would originally have had tapering front legs decorated with marquetry and each flanked with rams' heads at the top and surmounted by gilt-bronze triglyphs. The present front legs, in the form of gilt-wood caryatids, probably date from the early nineteenth century.
"Tripods, Triglyphs, and the Origin of the Doric Frieze," AJA 106, pp.
Articulated like the facade of a renaissance palace, the cabinet includes meticulously delineated architectural details in the triglyphs in the frieze, and quoins at the corners--even the roof tiles are emphasised by ivory applied along their outer edges.