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Trihedral [139.1] (or sub-trihedral) teeth were long seen as the defining character of Pliosaurus (e.g.
As shown in the figure, the trihedral is present in the image, but it has strong sidelobes.
Imaging quality parameters of the trihedral corner reflector.
Consequently, by means of a swallow-like chisel suturotomy of sutura palatina mediana of the bony palate was made whose depth varied from 2 to 5 mm, the width to 34 mm and the form reminded a trihedral trench.
Another DOVID of interest from JDSU is described in US20100060987A1 Optical Device Exhibiting Color Shift Upon Rotation;' the device is comprised of tiny trihedral pyramid structures with surfaces having specific width and length such that there is no diffraction effect of visible light, but when coated with an interference thin film they exhibit a colour shift; a 'uniform color seen at one angle of rotation changes to another uniform color when the optical device is rotated in its own plane'.
Geometrical model of the trihedral strand (3+9+15).
The first three constraints come from a sphere contacting three surfaces in a trihedral receptacle.
It consists of a scopiform group of nine-sided prisms, terminated by trihedral pyramids, the prism in the centre of the group is the longest; on three sides of this the surrounding crystals are gradually shorter, forming a rugged trihedral pyramid....
Seven of the nine paintings in the show employ clear variations on a tessellating trihedral pattern appropriated from the Louis Kahn-designed ceiling of the Yale Art Gallery, an exemplar of midcentury architectural innovation.
German-made touring kayak uses a trihedral hull design to gain a unique balance of glide speed, carving agility, carrying capacity, stability, and comfort.
American-owned Bell Geospace, IPRES from Norway and Canadian firm Trihedral Engineering are all opening bases in the Granite City.
needle-stylet with trihedral oblique cut; transparent pavilion of the needle with a connector luer-lok, equipped with two grooves for fixing the stylet with the pavilion of the catheter, finger stop; removable semitransparent plug on the connector luer-lok.