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ability to use two languages. Fluency in a second language requires skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, although in practice some of those skills are often considerably less developed than others.
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A trilingual school could solve communication problems presently faced by the Sinhalese government officers especially working in Jaffna and also by other ethnic communities, who want their children to be able to acquire proficiency in Tamil, Sinhala and English under one roof.
As a trilingual and proactive professional he worked as area manager for Rotana Hotel before moving to the The Address Hotels and Resorts, where he made his way to the position of cluster director of sales, and director of lifestyle and events.
According to "Unity" party, this way VMRO opens another trilingual University (Macedonian, Albanian and English) entitled with the name of the "adopted" Skopje citizen, and BDI faces an awful situation with the Albanian education and with the working conditions of the State University in Tetovo, as well as the rage of Albanians.
KARACHI -- The Trilingual English, Sindhi and Urdu Debate Competition was held at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro where students of Shah Abdul Latif University clinched various position in this competition.
A person who speaks three languages is trilingual, someone who speaks two languages is bilingual and someone who speaks only one language is English.
In his spare time he is learning French and Spanish and aims to be trilingual by the end of the year.
"This seminar will be an opportunity to learn about new digital platforms for linguistic cooperation put in place by the French Institute as well as the first "trilingual Arab-French-English brand in the hotel industry," a statement indicated.
The Outlook is an international trilingual edition about the world, which covers the cultural, diplomatic and social events all over the planet and Ukraine.
It records the efforts of Meisner and her wife, an interracial and trilingual couple, to do just that (which they manage to do with only a two-month gap between them).
The trilingual packaging is compact and peggable for merchandising flexibility.
The move to create a 'trilingual nation' would also boost English and Welsh skills, according to proposals by Welsh Conservatives.
Reymann, who comes from the cavalry, is trilingual (French, English and German) and has criss-crossed Afghanistan by road for the last six months.