triple DES

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triple DES

A product cipher which, like DES, operates on 64-bit data blocks. There are several forms, each of which uses the DES cipher 3 times. Some forms use two 56-bit keys, some use three. The DES "modes of operation" may also be used with triple-DES.
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(1) (Digital Entertainment System) See digital media server.

(2) (Data Encryption Standard) A NIST-standard cryptographic cipher that uses a 56-bit key. Adopted by the NIST in 1977, it was replaced by AES in 2001 as the official standard. DES is a symmetric block cipher that processes 64-bit blocks in four different modes of operation, with the electronic code book (ECB) being the most popular.

Triple DES
By adding various multiple-pass methods, Triple DES increased security; for example, encrypting with one key, decrypting the results with a second key and encrypting it again with a third. However, the extra passes added considerable computing time to the process. DES is still used in applications that do not require the strongest security. See cipher, cryptography, NIST, AES and Fortezza.
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While single DES encrypts a PIN number once upon entering, Triple DES encrypts it, decrypts it and then encrypts it again for added security - all with the goal of protecting consumer credit card data from a hacker or breach of security.
ATM security is increasingly expensive and regulated, and ensuring that ATMs are locked down and protected has become more complicated since the advent of Triple DES and the requirement that ATMs use encrypting PIN pads.
64-bit block ciphers (64-bit long blocks) such as Triple DES and MISTY1 were constructed by the mid 1990's.
Mae gwasanaeth Datasure BT yn amgryptio data wrth ddefnyddio technoleg triple DES 112-bit safon filwrol cyn iddo adael eich cyfrifiadur.
Furthermore, Kobil mIDentity is available with a memory capacity up to 1GB and enables the users to securely transport their sensitive data through 168 bit encryption (Triple DES).
* High security levels: Includes PCI PED certification, Triple DES encryption, DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) key management and MAC (message authentication code).
In 1977 the Data Encryption Standard (DES and later Triple DES) was adopted in the United States as the first federal standard.
* AES, Triple DES and Blowfish algorithms are used for high-speed, data encryption with RSA Algorithm for key exchange
Paragon tools configure ATMs for graphics and audio, simulate ATMs including Triple DES (TDES) and fault testing, and perform regression testing for ATM and ISO 8583 transactions.
Additional Wireless Security Capabilities--BlackBerry sets the standard for secure wireless data access with support for Triple DES and S/MIME and FIPS 140 (Federal Information Processing Standards) government certification.
The 7956 accelerates a variety of IPSec and SSL/TLS protocols, including DES, Triple DES, AES (with 128, 192, and 256-bit key lengths), and ARC4 encryption; MD5, SHA-1 hashing and authentication; RSA, DSA, SSL, IKE, and Diffie-Hellman public key support; 3,072-bit modular arithmetic and exponentiation, plus true Random Number Generation (RNG).