triple gauge

engine gauge unit

A triple-gauge instrument with an oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, and fuel pressure gauge all mounted into one panel. Also known as a triple gauge.
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There's a classic bus collection, a triple gauge miniature railway from Little Ruddington station and a model railway centre.
The sport theme exteds throughout the iterior with bucket seats, digital iformatio display, triple gauge chrome bezel trimmed istrumet cluster plus a rev couter which re-flectSuzuki's racig bike heritage with the eedle restig i a six o'clock start positio.
This endorse the cabin's sense of roominess, while a neatly set-out dashboard has digital information display, triple gauge chrome bezel trimmed instrument cluster plus a rev counter which reflects Suzuki's racing bike heritage with the needle resting in a six o'clock start position.
The instrument panel is set low to reinforce a space with a triple gauge instrument cluster centrally mounted at the fascia's leading edge with a digital info display that shows time, fuel consumption and outside temperature.
The triple gauge instrument cluster features a tachometer with a needle that rests in the six o'clock position.
The model features sleek lines on both sides of the body, a platinum front grille, headlights and taillights, a shark fin antenna on the roof, 7.0-inch Advanced Touch Screen that supports a smartphone interface, triple gauges in the instrument panel, One-Push Start System as well as Honda's Smart Key System.