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a set of three pictures or panels, usually hinged so that the two wing panels fold over the larger central one: often used as an altarpiece



a work of art composed of three pictures, sculptural works in relief, or drawings that are united by a common idea, theme, or subject.


Lonkheit, K. Das Triptychon als Pathosformel. Heidelberg, 1959.
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Dancing Brave went on to immortality with his stunning victory in the Arc, a contest which Triptych (third), Shahrastani (fourth), Shardari (fifth) and Dhistan (tenth) also contested.
The uniqueness of the Grendizer triptych is the marriage of street art with fine art, as paints and neon lights are industrially fused with the polished surface of handwoven oriental carpets, leaving a ghost of original pattern underneath.
incorporate their direct observational skills, value skills, media manipulation and color theory informational skills into a drawing series triptych.
Moving into the theatre Triptych II tells the story of the Edwards family from the South Wales valleys.
That spirit of determination and resilience is in part what Triptych itself is about.
This is an extraordinary and fascinating observation; that there is a sense of space created by the interplay of the three panels of a triptych that is somehow more profound, possibly more religious, than the space of a conventional, perspectival image with vanishing-point.
Triptych Jazz & Ffilm is making a claim on this medium for material of a different kind.
In the triptych, A Day to Remember, you will see all the Newcastle players recalled in replica shirts worn by fans.
Sunitha Kumar Emmart of Gallery SKE confirmed that Kher's triptych had been high in demand from the start of the Summit on Thursday.
Ernst Gombrich's identification of the exterior view of the triptych as a depiction of the Deluge--grey rainbow and all--is accepted.
Also featured is a concert version of Luc Vanier's Triptych, a collaboration with visual artist Leslie Vansen and composer Christopher Burns.