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With the additional fracture to the triquetrum, the senior author decided to perform a three-corner fusion as an alternative to four-corner fusion, which has shown equivalent results, only with additional ROM in ulnar deviation [13].
They originated from the volar and dorsal aspect of the TFC and inserted into the volar and dorsal edges of the triquetrum [Figure 1].
In general, the obtained results were satisfactory, with all showing sensitivity values larger than 0.89 and precision values larger than 0.77 (the worst result being reported for the triquetrum).
The whole extension of the ligament and its tears may be difficult to detect; the presence of a step-off between the lunate and triquetrum, central tears of the triangular fibrocartilage, and findings compatible with ulnocarpal abutment warrant careful LTL examination.
(7) It continues distally into the lunate, triquetrum, hamate, and base of fifth metacarpal, and connects with the ulnolunate and ulnotriquetral ligaments and extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon subsheath.
The dorsal avulsion fracture or "chip fracture" appears as a small bony fragment on the dorsal aspect of the triquetrum and is best detected on the lateral view [3] (Figure 4).
Load deflection curve confirmed that the coiled tendon and the tendon strip between scaphoid and triquetrum resisted the compression force and was effective in carrying and distributing the upcoming loads to the distal row (Figure 6).
Lunate was positioned in its natural place and fixed by multiple pins (a pin from distal radius to lunate and to capitate, another from triquetrum to lunate).