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A carbohydrate which, on hydrolysis, yields three molecules of monosaccharides.



a carbohydrate consisting of three mono-saccharide residues linked by glycoside bonds. Trisaccharides may be of the reducing or nonreducing type; this, along with their monosaccharide content, determines their properties.

Most natural nonreducing trisaccharides are derivatives of the disaccharide sucrose, with residues of various types added to the glucose or fructose residue. The trisaccharides formed by addition of a glucose residue are gentianose and melezitose, respectively. Addition of a galactose residue produces raffinose (the most common trisaccharide) or planteóse, and addition of a fructose residue produces kestose. Reducing trisaccharides (panose and maltotriose) are relatively uncommon in nature.

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The tradeoffbetween the unmodified and trisaccharide variants is again observed to be linked to Gc2 allele products.
albicans Substrate SL407 (ATCC90028) Pentoses L-arabinose - - D-xylose - + Hexoses D-glucose + + D-galactose + + [alpha]-methyl-D-glucoside - + Disaccharides D-cellobiose - - D-lactose - - D-maltose + + D-saccharose + + D-trehalose ([dagger]) - + Trisaccharides D-melezitose - - D-raffinose - - Alcohols Glycerol + - Adonitol + + Xylitol + + Inositol - - D-sorbitol + + Organic acids 2-keto-gluconate + + Amino acids N-acetylglucosamine + + Identification C.
The Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CFSII) aged two years and over is also based on 24-hour recall data but includes trisaccharides and higher saccharides in their estimate of added sugars, so the results are not directly comparable with the current study, which has estimated the intake of added sugars based on monosaccharides and disaccharides.
John Riley of Dalhousie University placed first in the graduate poster category for his research on the 'Synthesis of Neutral and Acidic Di- and Trisaccharides Related to Those Found on the Core Structure of Mammalian Jona Pellucida'.
Included are sugars such as glucose and other monosaccharides, sucrose and other disaccharides and other slightly more complex sugars, trisaccharides and oligosaccharides.
The use of monosaccharides, disaccharides, and trisaccharides in synthetic dilutents for the storage of ram spermatozoa at 37[degrees]C and 5[degrees]C.
These stevia sweeteners are similar in structure in that a steviol aglycone is connected at C-4 and C-13 to mono-, di- or trisaccharides consisting of glucose and/or rhamnose residues, as shown in Figure 1.
It has also led to illuminating studies on the binding of trisaccharides to monoclonal antibodies, which in turn have led to Lemieux's, hydrated polar gate theory" for specific molecular recognition.
In the early definition of CDT, the sum of the asialo-, monosialo-, and disialotransferrin isoforms was called "carbohydrate-deficient transferrin' because in alcoholics, some of the serum transferrin (Tf) molecules apparently lacked two to four of their terminal trisaccharides (2).