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A carbohydrate which, on hydrolysis, yields three molecules of monosaccharides.



a carbohydrate consisting of three mono-saccharide residues linked by glycoside bonds. Trisaccharides may be of the reducing or nonreducing type; this, along with their monosaccharide content, determines their properties.

Most natural nonreducing trisaccharides are derivatives of the disaccharide sucrose, with residues of various types added to the glucose or fructose residue. The trisaccharides formed by addition of a glucose residue are gentianose and melezitose, respectively. Addition of a galactose residue produces raffinose (the most common trisaccharide) or planteóse, and addition of a fructose residue produces kestose. Reducing trisaccharides (panose and maltotriose) are relatively uncommon in nature.

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However, the resulting product was rapidly hydrolyzed to trisaccharide and GlcNAc at prolonged reaction times and the yield became almost zero after 24 h.
dendrorhous yields a final transglycosylation product enriched in trisaccharides and tetrasaccharides (33).
Honeydew honey is characterized by a higher concentration of oligosaccharides, mainly trisaccharides melezitose and raffinose, which usually are not found in blossom honeys [7,8].
Phosphobetains Antifouling properties No evidence in the bound form (71) Sulphobetains Antifouling properties No evidence in the bound form (72) Table-3: Role of carbohydrates Carbohydrate Ligand recognition Biomedical application Mono Di and Trisaccharides Galactose Immune response (85), Specific cell residues (E.
Tests for binding inhibition using synthetic constructs and polymers of the MAF self-binding epitopes sulfated disaccharide and pyruvylated trisaccharide were completely negative (Fig.
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Because we have identified a small trisaccharide domain within CA19-9 that binds E-selectin and is responsible for this function, we were presented with an opportunity to design a small-molecule mimic of this domain as a novel glycomimetic drug to inhibit metastasis.
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For the lateral flow assay, antigen NT-P-BSA was used, which is a natural trisaccharide antigen linked to bovine serum albumin.
unmodified, mono-, di-, and trisaccharide variants of different allelic variants that are either naked or glycated at [Lys.
The mannitol in the disaccharide 1-[beta]-D-fructofuranosyl-D-mannitol is randomly linked 1-2 or 6-2 to fructose and addition of an extra fructose, also linked by its 2-position to the remaining 1- or 6- positions of mannitol in the disaccharide, gives the trisaccharide 1,6-di-[beta]-D-fructofuranosyl-D-mannitol.