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(cell and molecular biology)
The presence in triplicate of one of the chromosomes of the complement.



the presence of one or a few nonhomologous extra chromosomes in the chromosome set of a diploid organism. Organisms (or cells) in which one, two, or more chromosomes present themselves as three homologues are called simple trisomics, double trisomics, and so forth. Trisomy is caused by the failure of chromosomes to separate (nondisjunction) during cell division. Some specific severe disorders are the result of trisomy occurring in specific chromosomes.

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By this approach, it was found that Hsa21 gene expression was globally upregulated 1.5 fold in trisomic samples, in general agreement with the gene dosage hypothesis.
The IUD does not cause trisomic pregnancies," Malkmus said.
4, there was no association between fetal fraction and tririsk scores in normal samples (Pearson correlation test p-values >0.4 for all 3 aneuploidy tests), although there was a clear association between these variables in trisomic samples.
Dosage-dependent overexpression of genes in the trisomic region of Ts1Cje mouse model for Down syndrome.
The development of trisomic mouse models of Down syndrome enabled the study, analysis, and treatment of the disease, one gene at a time.
There was a separation in the risk score between trisomic and disomic samples on a magnitude of 1,000 or greater.
Trisomic analysis of greenbug resistance in barley, Hordeum vulgare L.
Mice trisomic for fragments of chromosome 16 corresponding to 132 genes on HSA21, in one case, and to 85 genes, in another case, are available (Davisson et al., 1990; Sago et al., 1998).
These "trisomic" individuals may also have learning difficulties and symptoms of Alzheimer's later in life.
The vast majority of meiotic errors leading to the trisomic condition occur in the egg, as nearly 90% of cases involve an additional maternal chromosome (Hassold and Sherman, 2000).
In fact, three cases of these genetic designs by chromosomal manipulation have been reported: (i) "Balanced Tertiary Trisomic" (BTT) in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (Ramage, 1965): (ii) "Duplicate-Deficient chromosome complements" (Dp-Df) in maize (Zea rnays L.) (Patterson, 1978); and (iii) the "XYZ system of producing hybrid wheat" (Driscoll, 1972, 1985).