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(invertebrate zoology)
The three rays opposite the madreporite in starfish.



the three humanities of grammar, rhetoric, and logic, which constituted the first and most important group of the seven liberal arts during the Middle Ages. The trivium was taught in the faculties of arts of universities and at Jesuit colleges.

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Jackpot Trivia presents players with tens of thousands of questions from over one hundred modern trivia categories with a pop culture set ranging from Beyonce to Big Bang Theory, sports topics such as NASCAR, and geek culture subjects that include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and video games.
Ron expresses the hope that fans will help him celebrate the long-running success of Ron El's Comic Book Trivia Series, but being a strong advocate of independent publishing, he also wants to help in supporting that market.
TMI Trivia, which is free to download, is launching in the Canada App Store next week.
There's also another driving factor to this trivia trend that's far from trivial: operator economics--it's a great way to boost business on slow nights.
Preliminary evaluation by experienced teaching staff at the clinic revealed that the questions of PD Trivia needed simplification.
The object of the game ( which is on sale online, in Fenwick and as a Newcastle Chronicle and Journal reader offer ( is to reach the centre circle and win the Champions League by answering home, away, bonus and Champions League football trivia questions based on the player's home team and general football trivia.
Each game consists of ten trivia questions that are answered in turn, giving each player 30 seconds to answer the question.
In "Rick Harrison's Trivia Challenge," a speed trivia game, players will encounter thousands of questions in upwards of 15 categories ranging from scholarly to pop culture, including many brain-bending questions personally included by Harrison.
8220;I wanted to give wrestling fans a more innovative, challenging trivia game,” said Jason Fiola, founder of Myriad Media.
Before that, his ``Time Out For Trivia'' show for the old Financial News Network made him the ``Commissioner of Trivia.
com will create and develop a mobile trivia application called PCH Trivia for use on the iPhone.
Buzztime Hosted Trivia is a unique bar trivia tool for restaurant and bar operators to keep guests in their seats, attract new consumers and bring in patrons on non-peak business nights, typically a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening.