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Prosody a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short (– ⌣)



(1) In metric versification, a foot three moras in length, consisting of one long and one short syllable (¯ ˅).

(2) In Russian syllabotonic versification, a two-syllable foot stressed on the first syllable. In trochaic verse the weak syllables are unstressed and the strong syllables may be either unstressed or stressed; the last syllable in a line must be stressed. Examples are Górnye vershíny (“Mountain peaks,” M. Iu. Lermontov; trochaic trimeter), Búria mglóiu nébo króet (“The storm covers the sky with mist,” A. S. Pushkin; trochaic tetrameter), Vykhozhúodín ia na dorógu (“I go out on the road alone,” Lermontov; trochaic pentameter), and Nét na svéte múk sil’née múki slóva (“There are no torments on earth more intense than the torment of the word,” S. Ia. Nadson; trochaic hexameter).

In Russian poetry of the 18th and 19th centuries the most common trochaic meter was the tetrameter. Beginning in the mid-19th century the trochaic pentameter became more widespread; other trochaic meters were rarely used.

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where the iamb is replaced by a trochee as, for example, is done very often by Sydney: Whiter indeed; more white than snow.
At the same time, in random trochees generally the second duration prevails: although the indices are almost equal in positions [[alpha].
If Kager's assumption that the first mora of every long syllable and stressed light syllable is a strong one and all other moras are weak is ignored, then another explanation is needed to account for the asymmetry of iambs and trochees.
a warm-up to our real workout, to combine iambs, trochees, a
Eliot manipulates rhythm skillfully, the trochees of the first line drawing attention forcibly to Sweeney's ape neck and then relaxing into the iambs of the second line as Sweeney too relaxes, while the spondee that opens the fourth line again arrests attention on the word "swelling.
The lofty passion not possessing To risk his life for sounds, he was Unable iambs to distinguish From trochees, struggle though we might.
Thus, he proves as comfortable discussing iambs, dactyls, spondees, trochees and anapests as he is exploring actor's intentions.
In quadrisyllabic words, a perfect parsing of the syllables into wellformed feet implies two trochees, one starting at the initial syllable, and one starting at the penultimate syllable.
Final point, the rhythm is arranged in couplets where the first line is four syllables with two regular beats--two trochees (Tum-ti, Tum-ti, the reverse of the iamb).
trundled from the strangeness of the sea is a particularly well-balanced floating stretch of regular beats, which could be a snatch of iambs, or trochees, indifferently.
The poem might be scanned into metrical feet but only by doing it violence; the ear experiences a tacit tug which comes from the dim echo of those anticipated but thwarted iambs, trochees, and anapests.
Damon, though tending to specializing mystification with his talk of dactyls, iambics and trochees, is at least qualified to give an informed answer on the subject.