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FeS A meteorite mineral crystallizing in the hexagonal system; a variety of pyrrhotite.



(named for the 18th-century Italian scientist D. Troili, who described a meteorite containing the mineral), a mineral Of the sulfide group, FeS.

Troilite crystallizes in a hexagonal system, and its crystal structure resembles that of hexagonal pyrrhotite. It forms brownish yellow rounded segregations with a metallic luster; less fre quently it occurs as poorly formed crystals. In cryptocrystalline aggregates it is black. Its hardness on Mohs’ scale is 4, and its density is 4,600–4,840 kg/m3. Troilite is primarily a meteorite mineral; terrestrial troilite is rare, occurring as inclusions in native iron and in copper ores and chromites associated with ultra-basic rocks.

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Troilite vaporizes at 407[degrees] Celsius (764[degrees]F), a temperature reached once Comet McNaught had closed to within about 30 million kilometers (20 million miles) of the Sun.
Troilite occurs as bronze-colored grains to 1 mm included in aggregates of bartonite and chlorbartonite.
Occurrence: Associated minerals are: niningerite, enstatite, kamacite and troilite.
The standard used for sulfur isotope ratios is the mineral troilite from the Canyon Diablo meteorite, which has a very consistent [S.
Occurrence: Associated minerals are: enstatite, ferroan alabandite, troilite and daubreelite.
Occurrence: Associated minerals are: kamacite, taenite, troilite and forsterite.