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troll (trōl), in Scandinavian folklore, dwarfish or gigantic creature of caves and hills. Variously friendly or malicious, trolls toiled as smiths. The mountain king in Ibsen's Peer Gynt is a troll.
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Angling a bait or lure used in trolling, such as a spinner


(in Scandinavian folklore) one of a class of supernatural creatures that dwell in caves or mountains and are depicted either as dwarfs or as giants
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An array language for continuous simulation, econometric modelling or statistical analysis.

["TROLL Reference Manual", D0062, Info Proc Services, MIT (1973-76)].


An electronic mail message, Usenet posting or other (electronic) communication which is intentionally incorrect, but not overtly controversial (compare flame bait), or the act of sending such a message. Trolling aims to elicit an emotional reaction from those with a hair-trigger on the reply key. A really subtle troll makes some people lose their minds.
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(1) See robot, chatbot, botnet and botcloud.

(2) (roBOT) A search engine program that indexes the Web. See spider.

(3) (roBOT) A program that performs a repetitive function 24/7 or waits in the background to be triggered by some event (time of day, receipt of data, etc.). The term bot is used for myriad "intelligent agents" on the Web, and it is estimated that more than half the Web's traffic comes from bots and not humans. A bot can be programmed to do almost anything from posting a message to starting up or closing down other software processes.

A bot is often used to find information. For example, a "spider" is a search engine bot that "crawls" the Web 24/7 looking for Web pages. A bot can also run in a user's machine or in a server in a private network. See social bot, scalper bot, trader bot, spambot, chatbot, agent, CAPTCHA and trolling.

(4) (BOT) (Beginning Of Tape) The status of a magnetic tape file when it is first mounted in the drive. See BOF.

(5) (BOT) (Bulk-Only Transport) The early USB protocol for external storage drives. See UASP.

Internet troll

An individual who posts false accusations or inflammatory remarks on social media to promote a cause or to harass someone. The anonymity of such venues enables people to say things they would not say in person, and they often like to ratchet up emotions to generate strong reactions. See patent troll, troll farm, flame war, trolling and cyberSLAPP.

patent troll

An organization that uses its patents to generate revenue without manufacturing the products that the patents pertain to. The patents are often purchased from a third party, which may be bankrupt or no longer interested in bringing the product to market.

Also called a "non-practicing entity" (NPE) or "patent assertion entity" (PAE), which are less denigrating, the patent troll looks for infringers that have invested heavily in the product and often has to threaten them with or actually instigate a lawsuit in order to obtain licensing revenues. Companies that are involved in the business that the patent covers may indeed sue others for patent infringement, but that does not make them a patent troll. A patent troll is a holding company that buys patents based on their potential profitability if enforced. See Internet troll.


(1) Posting derogatory or false messages on social media. See Internet troll, bot and doxing.

(2) Using patents to generate income. See patent troll.

(3) Hanging around in a chat room without saying anything, like a "Peeping Tom." See troll.
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This is the most stereotypical troll. The troll asserts one or more patents against a manufacturing company and then offers to settle for an amount far below the potential cost of litigation.
Another proposal includes heightened pleading requirements and sanctions in the case of plaintiffs, like Troll No.
Oliver loves this cat and mouse game and one day he realises Troll is nowhere to be seen - has he given up chasing him?
To deal with patent trolls, that advice is as relevant today as it was in the eighteenth century.
Twitter have got to act against trolls. They face no consequences.It's gutless."
"Got you!" the troll croaked, locking her twelve root-like fingers around Adele's wrist.
Troll is located in the northern part of the North Sea, approximately 65 kilometres west of Kollsnes, near Bergen in Norway.
So the next time you're crossing the bridge, toss out a couple of bones for the troll to pick and move on -- there'll always be another newbie for him to go after.
Troll Blaster is a physics challenge game in which users must select strategically from a choice of four weapons (crossbow, cannon, fire cannon and grenade launcher) to destroy structures that contain the “evil” trolls.
EVIL internet trolls have attacked the tribute website of a tragic Solihull student.
[3] It turns out that trolls have always existed in Norway, but the government keeps the information from leaking out by blaming bears for attacks on farms and peasants living in the mountains.