trompe l'oeil

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trompe l'oeil

(trôNp lö`yə): see illusionismillusionism,
in art, a kind of visual trickery in which painted forms seem to be real. It is sometimes called trompe l'oeil [Fr.,=fool the eye]. The development of one-point perspective in the Renaissance advanced illusionist technique immeasurably.
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Trompe l'oeil

A phrase meaning “that which deceives the eye”; it was originally used to describe precisely rendered views of earlier architectural styles, wherein painters produced a convincing illusion of reality. This has been applied to exterior and interior mural design where architectural elements and entire facades have been painted on blank expanses of buildings, indicating a particular architectural style, period, or design.

trompe l’oeil

Ceiling and wall paintings that deceive the eye, creating the illusion of three dimensions.