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the name of two Dutch admirals.

Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp. Born Apr. 23, 1598, in Brielle; died Aug. 10,1653, near Terheijden. Lieutenant admiral of Holland (1637).

In 1624, Tromp received his first command as captain of a ship of the line; during the 1630’s he commanded a squadron, and in 1639 he defeated the combined Spanish and Portuguese fleets in the English Channel. During the First Dutch War (1652–54), Tromp was commander in chief of a fleet of the United Provinces. In December 1652 he defeated the English admiral R. Blake near Dungeness in the Straight of Dover, but in February 1653 Tromp suffered defeat near Portland. He died in battle.

Cornelis Tromp. Born Sept. 9, 1629, in Rotterdam; died May 29, 1691, in Amsterdam. Lieutenant admiral of Holland (1676). Son of H. Tromp.

In 1653, Tromp was promoted to rear admiral. He fought in the Second and Third Dutch wars (1665–67 and 1672–74) and in the wars against France and Sweden from 1672 to 1678. In the battle of the Texel (1673) he commanded the rear guard of the Dutch fleet. In 1676, Tromp became commander in chief of the fleet of the United Provinces.

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