tropaeolum majus

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One of the most popular edible flowers. Beautiful, brightly colored with a sweet, flowery, spicy, peppery flavor. Odd shaped flowers- red, yellow or orange quirky flowers that look like they have a “tail” hanging out behind them. Irregular, round shaped leaves. Grows like ivy. Main stock up to 6 feet long with 6-8" stems branching off. Both leaves and flowers can be eaten raw or in salad. Has hot sharp horseradish-type taste that clears sinuses. Adds spiciness to food. Seeds are a combination of sweet and spicy. Flowers can be stuffed like cups or petals and leaves used in salads, pickle buds like capers. Adds color, beauty and flavor to any dish.
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Standardized lyophilized plant powder of Tropaeolum majus nanum used in a pharmacological remedy was provided by Repha gmbh (Langenhagen, Germany) (batch 1).
Animals were randomly distributed into four experimental groups of 10-15 animals each: control (aqueous solution 5mL/kg/day), HETM 3 (Tropaeolum majus 3mg/kg/day), HETM 30 (Tropaeolum majus 30 mg/kg/day), and HETM 300 (Tropaeolum majus 300 mg/ kg/day).
Especies invasoras historicas detectadas: Agave americana, Anredera cordifolia, Aptenia cordifolia, Argemone mexicana, Cardiospermum grandiflorum, Carpobrotus edulis, Lantana camara, Mirabilis jalapa, Nicotiana glauca, Opuntia dillenii, Opuntia maxima, Pelargonium inquinans, Pennisetum setaceum, Ricinus communis, Tropaeolum majus.
O material vegetal constituiu-se de flores, folhas e caules de Tropaeolum majus coletado no municipio de Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, conforme exsicatas HDSI144 depositadas no herbario do Departamento de Botanica da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria.
n Nasturtium, tropaeolum majus; it's possible to make a colourful salad from the beautiful, peppery orange, red or yellow flowers of the nasturtium, as well as its foliage.
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)--the best known of the edible flowers.
At her nursery, perky nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) twine up chairs, spill from baskets, and creep along the edges of flower beds.
patula), Garden Nasturtium (A), (Tropaeolum majus) and finally Heartsease (A, B) (Viola tricolour).
These flower factories (Tropaeolum majus) sprout readily and provide reliable color from six weeks after sowing until frost.
Violas bring a mild sweetness and pretty embellishment to any dish, while the bright blooms of Tropaeolum majus (nasturtium) have a peppery flavour much like watercress.