Trophic Ulcer

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Ulcer, Trophic


an ulcer resulting from trophic disturbances of the nervous system that produce a focus of tissue necrosis.

Trophic ulcers occur in diseases and injuries to the spinal cord and peripheral nerves; for example, they may arise on the foot after injury to the sciatic nerve. The ulcers are characterized by rapid progression of the ulcerative-necrotic process and by a refractory course. Ulcers of any origin are said to be trophic if they develop in a protracted course of a disease as a result of local secondary inflammatory, cicatricial, or other changes in small nerve branches; for example, they may result from injuries of local circulatory impairment, as in varicose veins of the legs. Treatment is determined by the main disease. Salves and physical therapy may be prescribed.

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