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A muscle protein similar to myosin and implicated as being part of the structure of the Z bands separating sarcomeres from each other.



a protein constituent of muscle myofibrils. Tropomyosin A, or paramyosin, is insoluble in water, in contrast to water-soluble tropomyosin B. Paramyosin is found in the muscles of mollusks and of some arthropods, where it is believed to occupy the center of thick myosin fibers. Tropomyosin B, actin, and myosin are the principal proteins of skeletal muscles and constitute about 11 percent of myofibril protein. Tropomyosin B is a constituent of the thin fibers of I disks (isotropic disks).

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Muscle type specific expression of tropomyosin isoforms in bovine skeletal muscles.
Non-significant differences were found between the two experimental groups in the plasma protein content of fetoprotein, the six haptoglobin isotypes, serotransferrin isotypes 1, 2, 3, 5 and tropomyosin (Table 2).
Most HCMP patients are supposed to carry mutations in their genes coding for contractile proteins like beta myosin heavy chain or tropomyosin.
Hypersensitive humans may express a severe reaction to certain antigens, the most known being tropomyosin and chitin of crustacean arthropods.
We have identified [beta]-actin, tropomyosin, gelsolin and myosin (non-muscle) as the binding partners of MT-3.
Also, if we think of actin as bacon wraps, the actin would be the hot dog, the bacon wrapped around it is the tropomyosin, and the troponin is the toothpick.
The panel on dietetic products, nutrition and allergies has investigated the issue as regards molluscs, concluding that the muscle protein tropomyosin was a key allergen, especially as it is heat-resistant and "not reliably reduced by food processing".
The most common cause of shellfish allergies is the production in the body of antibodies designed to fight against tropomyosin, a protein found in shellfish muscles.
Some of these characterized allergens are associated with digestive enzymes and other internal body proteins, such as tropomyosin.
1 [S28291] 11 AA525643 von Willebrand factor [L76227] 5 AA525646 envelope protein (human immunodeficiency 8 virus type 1) [U20673] AA525647 spliceosome associated protein [U41371] 26 AA525648 lozenge [U47849] 16 AA525650 pericentrin [P48725] 16 AA525653 human BDNF/NT-3 growth factors receptor 12 precursor [Q16620] AA525654 metallothionein (MT) [P07216] 9 AA525659 tropomyosin 1, fusion protein 33 20 [P49455] AA525662 chaperone protein SEFB precursor 6 [P33387] AA525665 adenosine kinase [U33936] 38 AA525668 hypothetical 24.
In studies conducted at EntreMed, tropomyosin was shown to interact with Endostatin protein in laboratory and mouse studies.