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The replica will replace the original horse trough -- either in the same spot or another high-profile location downtown.
Toilets were also built around this water trough about 20 years ago, which were razed when the columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee brought together the Parsi community to use their influence in saving the facility.
All patients aged <18 years of age who received intravenous vancomycin for more than three doses and had one or more appropriately analyzed trough concentrations were enrolled.
The milled component is lifted into the processing trough, measuring 800 x 3,000 mm with a crane.
[11] defined the India-Burma index with the averaged geopotential height in the area of 15[degrees]N-27.5[degrees]N and 80[degrees]E-100[degrees]E at 500 hPa and pointed out that the India-Burma trough was relatively strong in the winter half year from the 1950s to the 1970s.
"Most farmers set the trough on the crosswalk along either end of the row of free stalls.
We planted two of the troughs with perennial asparagus and mulched them with straw.
In the mold of a continuous caster [18], which is similar to blast furnace trough system, the slag entrainment mechanism has been studied.
So, to explain TNF bioactivity heterogeneity at W22 and W54, we then assessed IFX trough and ATI concentrations in the same blood samples.
The postoperative CT demonstrated that the trough positions were properly located, at the junction between the lamina and the lateral mass.
Stone troughs are also now used as a garden feature.
We'd like to date the trough, identify the usage and purpose of its location, and erect a small educational marker nearby.