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a French poet-singer of the 12th and 13th centuries. The trouvères flourished in northern France, primarily Pi-cardy, at the courts of the feudal aristocracy. They composed and performed their own songs and wrote narrative and dramatic works. Their poetry, closely tied to folk art, was influenced by the Provençal troubadours and cultivated similar genres (seePROVENÇAL LITERATURE). Although distinguished by metrical and rhythmic simplicity, the poetry of the trouvères was reflective and not as emotionally direct as the Provençal lyric. The most famous trouvères were Chrétien de Troyes (c. 1130–c. 1191), Jean Bodel (late 12th century), and the Anglo-Norman poet Marie de France (late 12th century), all of whom composed courtly romances. The poetic art of the trouvères influenced 14th-century poetry.


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