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A digital cable TV activation system from the OpenCable project of the CableLabs research consortium ( Introduced in 2003 and sometimes called "Plug and Play TV," the CableCARD contains the customer's account information as well as the channel assignments and decryption algorithms used by the cable provider. The CableCARD is housed in a Type II PC Card module, and as of mid-2007, all new set-top boxes in the U.S. support CableCARDs.

No Set-top Box and More Accuracy
When a set-top box is used, depending on the type of box, TV set, connection and digital format, unnecessary video processing may take place in the chain from set-top box to TV. However, a CableCARD can be plugged directly into "Digital Cable Ready" TVs, DVRs, media servers and PCs, thus eliminating the set-top box and ensuring the most accurate decoding and scaling (see upconvert).

S-CARDs, M-CARDs and tru2way
A Single-Stream CableCARD (S-CARD) provides one tuner for viewing one channel, while the latest Multi-Stream CableCARD (M-CARD) supports up to six tuners for simultaneous watching, recording and picture-in-picture (PIP). Two-way interaction was added with CableCARD 2.0 for video-on-demand, and a "tru2way" logo certifies that the TV is a two-way CableCARD device. See DVR and set-top box.

Plugging In a CableCARD
This Panasonic TV is CableCARD ready, and the card need only be inserted into the slot. (Image courtesy of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.)
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A fairly new platform that may improve this situation is called tru2way. This service, which requires that viewers have the latest generation of digital set top box, enables easier, more user-friendly searching for TV shows and facilitates Web browsing, game playing, and interactive chat.
It can therefore be deployed without disrupting the operator's installed base of tru2way devices and without large capital expenditures.
its interactive "Tru2way" video platform, even if they are
It also supports browser, desktop, and mobile and is built on the same family of Java technologies as the Blu-ray Disc standard BD-J, tru2way and other global TV standards.
It is built on the same family of Java technologies as the Blu-ray Disc standard BD-J, tru2way and other global TV standards, helping to enable developers and content authors to leverage existing skills and tools.
Tru2way technology allows consumers to buy two-way plug-and-play TVs and other devices that can receive cable's interactive digital services now and in the future, no matter where they live or to what cable operator they subscribe.
Since the Panasonic 3D TV is pre-configured for cable, consumers may avoid the additional cable box rental fees with the Panasonic Viera Tru2Way ready HDTVs.
It's called tru2way, a service arriving in the coming months that will allow viewers who have the latest generation of set-top boxes and televisions to more easily search for TV shows, play games, chat, and even browse the Web.
"The ISM is the ideal complement to the Observer RPM for operators that are deploying IPTV, EBIF/ ETV or tru2way interactive and on-demand video services.
itaas Inc, a provider of iTV solutions, announced on Thursday (2 April) an agreement that provides support for applications developed for US cable provider Cox Communications' tru2way and enhanced television (ETV) implementation via the itaas istart Developer Program.