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, common name for the family Bignoniaceae, a family of chiefly woody vines of the American tropics and also a few shrubs and trees. The trumpet creeper (of the genus Bignonia) and the trumpet flower, or trumpet vine (of the genus Campsis
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For autumn, Chinese trumpet creeper, later- flowering clematis or crimson glory vine.
Blood-red trumpet vine, Cape honeysuckle, flame vine, honeysuckle, trumpet creeper.
But they are taxing and methodical in their demands on trees, and maintain so many feeding stations they don't appear to mind the humbled hummingbirds' freeloading until the trumpet creeper, the morningglory, bee balm, honeysuckle, painted cup, Turk's-cap lily, jewelweed and other favorite hummer flowers bloom.
By all means, try wisteria, Lady Banks rose, trumpet creeper, evergreen clematis, and if there is ample sunlight, plant a New Dawn rose and let it run rampant.
Trumpet creeper and passion vine are two native vines that ramble on in spite of heat and adverse conditions.
For extensive flowering and fast growth, she also recommends trumpet creeper vines.
Vines that are popular in our state are the colorful American bittersweet, honeysuckle, strawberry, Trumpet Creeper, and wild grape.
Seed pods form on the trumpet creepers and the locusts.