truss beam

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trussed beam

1. A beam, usually of timber, reinforced with one or more tie rods.
2. A beam in the form of a truss; braced by one or more vertical posts supported by inclined rods attached to the ends of the beam.
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where [z.sub.s] is the z-coordinate of the centroid of the steel truss beam; [z.sub.c] is the z-coordinate of the centroid of the concrete slab; [theta](x) = w'(x) - [[gamma].sub.w] (x) is the cross-sectional rotation angle; w(x) is the vertical deflection of the SCCTB; [xi] (x) is the difference between the longitudinal displacement of the concrete slab centroid and that of the steel truss beam centroid; Es is the elastic modulus of the steel truss and [E.sub.c] is the elastic modulus of the concrete slab.
For the case of 2D truss beam every truss joint moves horizontally and vertically.
It has two sets of French doors onto a rear terrace and gardens, truss beams and ceiling timbers and access to a large loft space.
In structural strength analysis, stress analysis of the structures under one atmospheric pressure is performed; the maximum von Mises stress value of the truss beams and each layer of flexible composite shell are evaluated.
The only church in the Diocese of Durham to boast 12 bells, it has undergone more than PS200,000 of renovation work in recent years, including a new heating system, work to make the electrics safe and repairing masonry, guttering, doors, truss beams and windows.
A large reception room with that feeling of space rises to the vaulted ceiling where truss beams add character.
The dining room, with a vaulted ceiling which has exposed truss beams, is divided from the drawing room by a chimney breast wall.
The force distribution of truss beams was also checked with a Space Truss Analysis software (DYNACOMP, Inc.
The lounge/dining room (which measures 24'3 X 20') has triple aspect windows, exposed wood flooring, full height 22' vaulted ceiling with exposed roof truss beams. There are bookshelves, exposed stone, beautiful feature full-height inglenook fireplace with inset cast-iron log burner and log storage area with an oak mantle.
Work began in October 2008 on urgent repairs to the church, including making the electrics safe and repairing masonry, guttering, doors, truss beams and windows.