Truss Bridge

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truss bridge

[′trəs ‚brij]
(civil engineering)
A fixed bridge consisting of members vertically arranged in a triangular pattern.
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Truss Bridge


a fixed bridge whose design is a rigid framework. In truss bridges, the roadway and truss members are rigidly interconnected. The truss members take up the longitudinal compressive forces and bending moments, thereby reducing the forces in the beams and allowing the use of lower verticals. Truss bridges are constructed for the most part of reinforced concrete, either cast in situ or precast, and only rarely of steel. Small truss bridges are commonly used for overbridges, where, in many cases, the truss members are arranged diagonally. This design ensures good visibility for the drivers and the safe passage of automobile traffic beneath the overbridge. Truss bridges with long spans are generally erected in the form of T-shaped frames. The cross section of the roadway on small bridges may be ribbed, boxlike, or solid (in the form of a slab). On large bridges, the beams used generally have a boxlike cross section.

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As a small child, Boggild rode with her father in the first vehicle to cross the adjacent 1929 truss bridge. In January 2012, Boggild was in the last vehicle across the truss bridge before it was closed to traffic.
Explain that a truss bridge uses triangle shapes, because they make the bridge very strong--strong enough to carry trains.
The contract to build the bridge was awarded to Albert Stuart Miller, also of Ohio, who had purchased the rights to construct Smith truss bridges in both Oregon and the Washington Territory.
* A truss bridge uses triangle-shaped supports above or below the bridge deck.
Constructed in 1906 by the Joliet Bridge and Iron Co., the span is a rare surviving example of a pin-connected pony truss bridge built for an urban setting, according to documents submitted for the national landmark process.
The innovative new Memorial Bridge is the first truss bridge in the United States built without gusset plates, which typically connect bridge beams, or trusses, together.
The Akeley segment of the Heartland State Trail is closed temporarily while the old railroad trestle across the Crow Wing River is replaced with a new steel truss bridge. There is no efficient alternate route around this construction area.
WARREN - In less than four hours late yesterday morning, a reassembled lenticular truss bridge was hoisted by crane and, in two moves, put in place spanning the Quaboag River.
Triangles are a very rigid geometric shape which adds to the strength of a truss bridge. Many of these crisscross truss designs are named after the engineers who first patented them.