truss plate

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nail plate

A metal plate which is placed over the two ends of pieces of wood that are to be joined (in the same plane); it is secured to each end by screws or nails driven into the wood through holes in the plate.
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Table 2.--Allowable strengths of lumber and truss plate connection.
For good measure, I further secured them, where the ends of two stringer boards met at a post, with galvanized metal truss plates nailed across the joint.
Additionally, a tension truss plate test was performed on full cross section lumber with the truss plate embedded into blue-stained wood.
2 southern yellow pine lumber and 20-gage (3 by 4 in.) metal truss plates under six different loading conditions.
According to Quaile and Keenan (1979), truss plate backout can be caused by shrinkage across the grain of the lumber.
Stuart Lewis, Alpine Engineered Products, Inc., donated Wave Plate[TM] truss plate connectors and southern pine lumber.
Truss Plate Institute is in the process of soliciting comments on Draft 2 of proposed BSR/TP 1-2000 National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction (Revision of ANSI/TPI 1-1995).
Simpson through its subsidiary Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc, designs, engineers and manufactures wood construction products such as connectors, truss plates, fastening systems, fasteners and shear walls, besides concrete construction products like adhesives, speciality chemicals, mechanical anchors, powder actuated tools and reinforcing fibre materials.
For roof supports, two pieces of 2-inch-by-4-inch treated lumber connected with 4-inch truss plates were built to have a 12-inch center height, also with angled cuts all the way to the ends.
One possible solution for limiting checking and splitting on crossarms is to apply metal truss plates to the ends of the arms to restrain wood movement, thereby limit checking.
Fasten doubled-end rafters to front/back plates with 8d nails through narrowest part of front and rear notches; fasten with metal truss plates at sides.