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1. a clumsy slow boat or ship
2. Informal (in rowing) a heavy wide boat used for training novice oarsmen


On drawings, abbr. for tubing.


Technische Universita't Berlin. (Berlin technical university).
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Jane, 51, added: "The Tubby Phone has a personality of its own and that's what's exciting to the Teletubbies because they can't wait to find which one of them is going to be spoken to or instructed to do something in play or dance.
"I was not as thrilled," laughs musicals superstar Michael Ball, who plays - you've guessed it - Tubby in the 90-minute drama written and directed by Victoria Wood.
With comedy, dancing, love and real warmth, Tubby and Enid promises to be a treat that will get your toe tapping.
As a result he developed a reputation in the media as somehow channelling the spirit of Tubby, but although he does have that big sound combined with a speedy way around the instrument, he is by no way a one-trick pony.
One day, when I was 15 or 16, I had a friend who was doing some work on the building around King Tubby's studio and I followed him there.
Sandra Gilmore, Tubby's owner, discovered her dog's knack for tidying up during their daily walks.
If there was an award for the greatest ever British Jazz saxophonist, the two most obvious candidates would be Peter King on alto and the late Tubby Hayes on tenor, who sadly died so young that his potential was never fulfilled, King's career began with his first gig at the age of 17 and two years later recognition of his outstanding talent came with an invitation to play at the opening night at Ronnie Scott's Club in 1959.
Inspired casting, it was not - swapping one tubby West Midlands wisecracker for another, well, tubby Northern wisecracker and trading in a toothy Celtic beauty for one with slightly shorter hair.
CRITICS who rounded on tubby Ronaldo when he returned to Brazil are having to eat their words as his stunning revival continues.
A TUBBY Club for podgy pets has been launched at a North Wales veterinary surgery.
Preschool Baby Learns About Computers: Tubby in Computer World