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see amaryllisamaryllis
, common name for some members of the Amaryllidaceae, a family of mostly perennial plants with narrow, flat leaves and with lilylike flowers borne on separate, leafless stalks.
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(Polianthes tuberosa), a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Amaryllidaceae. The stems reach 1 m in height and bear linear leaves. The fragrant white flowers are in loose spicate inflorescences and measure as much as 5–8 cm in diameter. The tuberose is native to Central America. Since the end of the 16th century it has been cultivated in the subtropics as an ornamental and an essential-oil plant. In the USSR the tuberose is grown in western Georgia. The essential oil from the flowers is used for high-quality scents. Ornamental varieties are subjected to winter forcing for cut flowers.


, tuberose
1. (of plants or their parts) forming, bearing, or resembling a tuber or tubers
2. Anatomy of, relating to, or having warty protuberances or tubers
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Chrysanthemum, jasmine, marigold, tuberose, statice, gladiolus and cut rose flowers were selected to collect data.
Key words: Tuberose, bioformulation, neem, cut- flower yield, gall index, Meloidogyne incognita.
The use of synthetic insecticides reduces the damage caused by this insect, but these insecticides can be dangerous and unsafe for the tuberose producers.
It was also found that age and education also significantly and negatively affected the technical inefficiency of the tuberose farmers.
Customers that visit and purchase Terranova[R] Tuberose Collection products or Terranova[R] Limited Edition "Pamper with A Purpose" gift sets on www.
When the queen idled along the paths which led to the Temple of Love, she apparently left behind a scent of tuberoses.
Sophisticated, rich and romantic, Me has top notes of mandarin and blueberry, a heart of tuberose and rose absolue and a base of liquorice black wood and sandalwood.
Different potting media were used in different combinations to check their effect on the morphological parameters as well as on the vase life of the tuberose.
And I always smelled the smell of gardenias and tuberose on my mother, so I wanted to create a fragrance that reminded me of her, she said.
This study tried to assess energy related to greenhouses produce ornamental flowers and cut flowers with assessment of Tuberose greenhouse in Dezful, assessment of Tuberose greenhouse with use of energy productivity index.
uk) smell it TO MARK the 30th anniversary of his fashion empire, Michael Kors unveils a limited edition scent, Michael Kors Gold, a sheer expression of his signature tuberose fragrance.
The collection is organized in 10 scents across the five categories listed above: Gardenia and Autumn Tuberose (florals); Misting Waterfall and Island Breeze (fresh); Green Apple Blast and Very Berry (fruit); Cocoa and Vanilla (food) and Aquamarine and Diamond (gemstones).

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