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1. a clumsy slow boat or ship
2. Informal (in rowing) a heavy wide boat used for training novice oarsmen
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On drawings, abbr. for tubing.
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These words spoken by those princely lips [urging children to make good use of the new school and the holy church] imprinted themselves deeply upon the hearts of the people present there, and without delay the school was soon filled with boys who were anxious to learn, myself among them, excelling everyone in pranks and laziness; I'd grown so lazy that my equal was nowhere to be found, because mother wouldn't let me so much as fetch a tubful of water in her anxiety that I should study and become a priest, like Father Isaiah Duhu, our teacher.
Add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to a tubful of tepid water and soak for 15 minutes.
Well, on this evidence Palace boss Trevor Francis could well be on his way to a zimmer frame and a tubful of anti-depression pills.
defeats and two draws in their seven home matches since the end of November include a 4-1 FA Cup beating by basement strugglers Leyton Orient, are leaking goals by the tubful and only rock-bottom Stockport and Barnsley have conceded more.