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see honeyeaterhoneyeater
or honeysucker,
common name for arboreal birds comprising some 160 species of the family Meliphagidae, and found in Australia, New Zealand, and the SW Pacific. There is a single South American genus.
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(also Bol’shoi Tui), a river in Omsk Oblast, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Irtysh, in the Ob’ Basin. The Tui is 507 km long and drains an area of 8,490 sq km. It meanders through a marshy plain and has a width of up to 120 m in its lower course. Fed by mixed sources, primarily snow, it has a mean flow rate of 27.6 cu m per sec 61 km from its mouth. The Tui freezes in late October or the first half of November, and the ice breaks up in late April or the first half of May.




(Telephone User Interface) The combination of Touch-tone input from the telephone keypad coupled with speech output from the connected voicemail or IVR application. While early speech technology was struggling to recognize voice utterances for voice control and data entry, the ubiquitous Touch-tone keypad was a practical solution. It works with enterprise telephone networks, the PSTN, public payphones and traditional cellphones. Its centerpiece is the standard 12-key keypad and conventions such as using the pound key for "enter," the star key for "up one level" or "escape," and "1" for yes, "2" for no.
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In Q1 2018, five new hotels opened under the core brands of TUI Hotels & Resorts, including a RIU hotel in Mexico, a Robinson Club each in the Maldives and Thailand and two Blue Diamond hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
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