tule elk

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tule elk:

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, large North American deer, Cervus canadensis, closely related to the Old World red deer. It is commonly called elk in America although the name elk is used in Europe to refer to the moose.
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Right off the bat, our rules eliminate mountain sheep, Canada and Shiras moose, Canada caribou, muskoxen, mountain goats, big bears and California's Tule elk.
Schoenherr (1992) wrote that the California grizzly may have been generally unsuccessful in capturing tule elk and pronghorn; however, Schwartz et al.
On January 30 and 31, 2001, 30 tule elk were captured at San Luis NWR and relocated to augment 3 of the other 21 herds in California.
1987) to develop sampling procedures and a sightability model for tule elk in Owens Valley.
Back home, he has helped biologists relocate bighorn sheep and Tule elk into parts of their original range in California--work that has helped bring the elk back from the brink of extinction.
Before Los Angeles, the valley sustained deep saltgrass meadows and marshes filled with everything from willows to brine shrimp to tule elk.
The concept alternatives will also consider the management of tule elk in the planning area, ranging from elimination, to active management, to expansion of the Drakes Beach herd.
By California standards, the region is underpopulated, and the gentle countryside is home to blacktail deer, turkey, quail, Tule elk and feral hogs, not to mention lots of mountain lions, coyotes, and the occasional black bear.
I had already taken a Tule elk long before P&Y added that species to the list, and I immediately bagged a pair of central Canada barren ground caribou when that variety was added.
The new edition continues that trend with more than 5,000 new entries, including new world records for grizzly bear, non-typical American elk, tule elk, mountain caribou and musk ox (entered between 2004 and 2009).
2002: Population dynamics of Tule elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, California.
Early in the morning, you're likely to see tule elk nurturing their young.