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1. a person, esp a professional entertainer, who performs somersaults and other acrobatic feats
a. a part that moves a gear in a train of gears into and out of engagement
b. a single cog or cam that transmits motion to the part with which it engages
3. a breed of domestic pigeon kept for exhibition or flying. The performing varieties execute backward somersaults in flight
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A device in a lock cylinder that must be moved to a particular position, as by a key, before the bolt can be thrown.
A device or mechanism in which objects are tumbled.
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In a lock, the locking mechanism which detains the bolt until set free by a key.
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cryptocurrency tumbler

A service that mixes a cryptocurrency transaction with other transactions to eliminate the possibility of someone discovering the party that originated them. The cryptocurrency blockchain is a public record, and with the proper analysis tools, a sender's wallet can be uncovered and ultimately reveal the owner's name. If a sender is afraid of being identified when sending Bitcoins or some other crypto token, a tumbler service can be used.

Also called "cryptocurrency mixing," the tumbler service functions like a VPN, which hides the sending address from the receiving party. The coins are sent to the tumbler service, and the service relays the transaction hiding the sender's address. The amount of coins may also be split up to further randomize the transaction, and the tumbler takes a fee like a foreign currency exchange. See cryptocurrency and VPN.


A microblogging website founded in 2007 by David Karp. Noted for its ease of use, people can create short entries and post them in a matter of minutes. Four years after its inception, Tumblr eclipsed the well-known WordPress blogging site in number of users, and by 2013, more than 100 million Tumblr microblogs were hosted. The name comes from "tumblelog," which was a new term coined in the mid-2000s for a short-form blog. In 2013, Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo!.

Between Twitter and WordPress
Tumblr's huge popularity is due to how it fits into the blogging world. Entries can be much longer than Twitter posts, which are confined to 280 characters, but they tend to be smaller than standard blog entries that are often articles about a subject. A Tumblr entry can also be nothing more than a single image. For more information, visit www.tumblr.com. See microblog, Twitter and WordPress.
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"I never thought raspberry cordial would set people drunk, Marilla--not even if they drank three big tumblerfuls as Diana did.
"I saw you take a neat tumblerful since you come in, and it's made you drunk as a fool.
At that signal the lady companion, ensconced in her corner, with round eyes like a watchful animal, would dart out to the table and pour him out another tumblerful.