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(aerospace engineering)
An attitude situation in which the vehicle continues on its flight, but turns end over end about its center of mass.
A surface-finishing operation for small articles in which irregularities are removed or surfaces are polished by tumbling them together in a barrel, along with wooden pegs, sawdust, and polishing compounds.
(mechanical engineering)
Loss of control in a two-frame free gyroscope, occurring when both frames of reference become coplanar.
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the process of removing burrs, scale, molding sand, and corrosion from the metal surfaces of small blanks and parts and for improving the surface quality of articles (polishing). It is performed in drums. To speed up the process, abrasive materials such as sand, emery, or corundum are put in the drum (dry tumbling), or sometimes various solvents are added (wet tumbling). For polishing in drums, sawdust or leather cuttings are sometimes put in with the objects being polished (dry polishing), or solutions of soap or alkali are added (wet polishing). Eccentrically mounted drums are used for better mixing.

In vibration tumbling the working chamber is oscillated in various directions with a frequency of 15-50 cycles per second; the vibration provides complex mixing of the parts and abrasive particles. When fastened to the drum, large parts may be treated by vibration tumbling.

In hydraulic tumbling, cold surface hardening takes place, increasing the fatigue resistance of the parts being treated. In this process the parts are fastened inside a chamber within which a liquid containing small metal shot is moving.


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barreling, tumbling

The application of paint to small articles by tumbling them in a barrel containing paint.
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cryptocurrency tumbler

A service that mixes a cryptocurrency transaction with other transactions to eliminate the possibility of someone discovering the party that originated them. The cryptocurrency blockchain is a public record, and with the proper analysis tools, a sender's wallet can be uncovered and ultimately reveal the owner's name. If a sender is afraid of being identified when sending Bitcoins or some other crypto token, a tumbler service can be used.

Also called "cryptocurrency mixing," the tumbler service functions like a VPN, which hides the sending address from the receiving party. The coins are sent to the tumbler service, and the service relays the transaction hiding the sender's address. The amount of coins may also be split up to further randomize the transaction, and the tumbler takes a fee like a foreign currency exchange. See cryptocurrency and VPN.
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