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, wild goat, genus Capra, found in rugged country on mountain ranges from central Asia to the Himalayas, S Europe, and NE Africa. Ibexes are surefooted and agile; they usually travel in small herds of about a dozen animals, feeding on a wide variety of vegetation.
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(the brothers Tur), collective pen name of two Soviet Russian writers. Leonid Davydovich Tubel’skii, born Mar. 29 (Apr. 11), 1905, in the village of Tagancha, in what is now Cherkassy Oblast; died Feb. 14, 1961, in Moscow. Peter L’vovich Ryzhei, born Jan. 11 (24), 1908, in Kiev; died Oct. 2,1978, in Moscow.

The brothers Tur first appeared in print in 1925. They published the collections of feuilletons and sketches Rebellion of the Trifles (1926), Bombs and Bonbonnières (1929), and In Broad Daylight (1964). Of their many plays, the most important are Confrontation (1937; coauthor L. R. Sheinin), which concerns Soviet intelligence operatives, Sofia Kovalevskaia (1943), The Provincial Governor (1947), The Mansion in the Alley (1949), and Northern Madonna (1961), which deals with the struggle for peace. The brothers Tur characteristically combined elements of journalism and the detective story in their plays. Many films have been based on Tur’s plays and screenplays, including Meeting on the Elbe (1949; coauthor, Sheinin), which won the State Prize of the USSR in 1950. After the death of L. Tur, P. Tur collaborated with Ariadna Tur to write the plays Ambassador Extraordinary (1966; film version Ambassador of the Soviet Union) and The Sole Witness (1971).

P. Tur and L. Tur each were awarded two orders and various medals.


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