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fonticola would respond differently to long-term exposure to turbidity, perhaps acclimating to a higher turbidity level over time and regaining some ability to forage successfully in moderately turbid waters.
We studied three shallow lakes, which differ in their regime: el Triunfo, a clear vegetated shallow lake with abundant submerged vegetation (mainly Ceratophyllum demersum) and low phytoplankton abundances (35[degrees]51S, 57[degrees]52'W); El Burro, a turbid shallow lake with high abundances of phytoplankton (35[degrees]42'S, 57[degrees]55'W) and Yalca, an inorganic turbid shallow lake with high amounts of suspended solids (35[degrees]35'S, 57[degrees]55'W).
By using Xively to connect, control and monitor these solutions, Turbid is increasing the efficiency and accuracy of its solutions, making it possible for clients to remotely manage and track water quality in sediment basins.
Bentionite clay was used to make the turbid water samples 5 gram clay was mixed in 500 ml distilled water.
Particulate entry also is favored when there is no pre-coat filtration with clean must, and the turbid particles can therefore act on the filter cloths right from the beginning.
However, if the water placed in the bottles is very turbid, the method is rendered ineffective as soil particles in the water shield microorganisms from the disinfecting rays.
Where high turbidity levels were required the water samples were collected immediately after raining or by preparing them in the laboratory by blending highly turbid water fetched after disturbing the settled mud at the bottom of the river with low turbid water fetched several days after the rains have seized.
The animals had history of normal estrus cycles with turbid and thick vaginal discharge at the time of estrus.
Nowhere more so than in Afghanistan, where a lack of any rural water treatment works means that families are forced to fall back on surface water that is polluted, saline and turbid.
The formulations made turbid films or gelation of the composite solution in the sever cases.
SurePure, a South African company that developed the technology says it offers" greater microbiological efficacy than conventional UV systems and is effective for both clear and turbid liquids, a world first.
As Alvin Cahn found in the 1920s, escaping carp did well in muddy-bottomed lakes, rooting around for food, making the waters turbid and damaging the ecosystem from the bottom up.