turbine mixer

open-top mixer

A mixer filled through an opening at its top; for concrete, usually a pan or drum within which mixing blades revolve about the vertical axis; for mortar, usually a trough within which mixing paddles revolve about the horizontal axis.
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Voeller turbine mixer gives the plant a capacity of around 80 yd./hour at peak production.
Instead, a compact turbine mixer dryblends continuously.
Waeschle builds the turbine mixer in Italy, and Colortronic supplies the gravimetric metering/feeding auxiliaries.
Since then, Buss has installed turbine mixers to make dryblend on 10 PVC pelletizing lines and two calendering lines, mostly in Europe.
Guntner started his career in the mixing industry with Scott Turbine Mixers in the 1980s.
It is designed for use in all stationary-wall models, such as pan, twin-shaft, or turbine mixers.