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see lawnlawn,
grass turf or greensward cultivated in private yard or public park. A good lawn, or green, has both beauty and usefulness; its maintenance for golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports is a costly and specialized procedure.
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the living form of herbaceous, primarily perennial plants, usually grasses and sedges. Their axillary shoots grow within the sheaths covering their leaves and emerge without tearing the sheath. This causes the turf runners to grow close together, forming a thick clump. Turfs are typically found in the steppe (for example, feathergrass and some species of sheep’s fescue) and, to a lesser extent, in meadows (tufted hairgrass) and marshes (sheathing cottongrass).


The upper layer of earth and vegetable mold in which the roots of grass and other small plants form a thick cover.


1. the surface layer of fields and pastures, consisting of earth containing a dense growth of grasses with their roots; sod
2. a piece cut from this layer, used to form lawns, verges, etc.
a. a track, usually of grass or dirt, where horse races are run
b. horse racing as a sport or industry
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4 and 4" announced Sid Nicholls, President of Turf Nation, explaining that Turf Nation has manufactured 4 NFL Super Bowl surfaces, which ties Turf Nation with the number of natural grass fields used in the last 10 Super Bowl games.
The artificial turf installation works began in mid-May, 2016 after His Majesty The King during a visit to the college in February 2014 announced that the turf would be a gift from him.
GreenFields Sports Turf Systems had pointed faults in the field on which the astro-turf was to be laid which needs to be rectified.
However, they rode motorbikes on the pink area, which could have damaged the turf.
Following a decision made on Wednesday before declarations, the first three races today are also on the artificial surface, although the Classic trials will be run on turf as planned.
7 8 IF you need to seed small areas, scatter seed over the turf too, to stop any lines forming.
As proven with the recently converted synthetic turf fields at Minnie Howard, Fort Ward, and Ben Brenman, a thletic fie lds with a synthetic turf surface are more beneficial to the City of Alexandria than natural grass surfaces for several reasons .
We built equipment that's designed specifically for removing and reclaiming the turf," said Mark Heinlein, president of Turf Reclamation Solutions, a turf removal company out of Cincinnati.
THE shifting of the men's hockey preparatory camp from Bangalore to New Delhi has brought attention on the state of the various astro turfs throughout the country.
He and his staff are now delivering hundreds of square metres of Yorkshire turf a day across the country.
The turf was tested on pitches in stadiums including the home pitches of Arsenal London and FC Liverpool.
Children should avoid turf with lead levels greater than 440 parts per million (ppm).