turkey buzzard

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turkey buzzard:

see vulturevulture,
common name for large birds of prey of temperate and tropical regions. The Old World vultures (family Accipitridae) are allied to hawks and eagles; the more ancient American vultures and condors are of a different family (Cathartidae) with distant links to storks and
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Police say when the man approached two men, one of them fired a rifle over his head at a flying turkey buzzard.
As I continued my pattern, trusting the birds would move, I realized my flight path and a single turkey buzzard were about to occupy the same space.
Roosevelt reasoned the bald eagle to be just another scavenger bird, no more magnificent in character than the likes of the turkey buzzard, the raven or even the common seagull.
He does, however, describe his subjects' difficult personalities well, and he unearths the occasional arresting detail--such as the fact that Degas, who couldn't otherwise speak the language, found two English words fascinating and repeated them endlessly: "turkey buzzard."