turn indicator

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Turn Indicator


an aircraft gyroscopic device that indicates the deviation of an aircraft from a straight-line course.

A turn indicator is based on the ability of a gyroscope with two degrees of freedom to superpose the angular velocity vector of the gyroscopic rotor’s own spin and the angular velocity vector of the rotation of the device’s case. The spin axis of a turn indicator’s rate gyroscope is horizontal and at a right angle to the fore and aft axis of the aircraft; the axis of the gimbal in which the rotor spins is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Unlike a compass, a turn indicator responds only during a turn. The angle of deviation of the gyroscopic gimbal and the pointer connected to it depends on the aircraft’s turn rate. (See alsoGYROSCOPE.)

turn indicator

An instrument that displays the aircraft's rate and direction of turn. See turn and slip indicator.
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The California Motor Vehicle Code specifies that we are to use turn indicators at least a certain number of feet before making a turn.
The all new Maruti Suzuki SX4 has new looks, and also brings new features such as touch screen audio navigation and electronically foldable ORVMs with turn indicator.
Regarding Michael Alex's letter (Public Forum, May 24) on the subject of Los Angeles freeway drivers not using their turn signals: I remember once, years ago, my son-in-law Rob, who drives the freeways constantly and for hours on end, advising, if you use your turn indicator to change lanes, it just signals drivers in the other lanes that they should speed up and close ranks.
Sides cater to body coloured door handles, side view mirrors with turn indicator inserts, chrome beading for windows, flared wheel arches, alloy wheels and roof rails.
Positioned between the dipped and full beam headlights, they are activated by a variety of factors such as speed, steering angle and which turn indicator is activated.
New 16 and 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted, and turn indicator lamps have been added to the door mirrors.
The extra lighting tubes are positioned between the dipped and full beam headlights and either the left or right unit is activated by the central control unit depending on a variety of factors such as road speed, the steering angle and which turn indicator is operated.
a range of other features include Driver Alert Control to detect and alert tired and distracted drivers, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) helps detect vehicles in the offset rear blind spot on both sides of the SUV, Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if the SUV runs across the lane markers without the turn indicator being used and premium sound with Dolby Pro-logic II Dynaudio | USB and iPod Music Interface | Bluetooth hands-free system.
The improvements create a new look for the Juke's front end including a new dark chrome V-motion grille, dark headlamp interior and dark turn indicators on the door mirrors.
The model features dark headlamps, a dark V-motion grille, dark turn indicators.
The LED series below the tail acts as the stop function along with the sporty turn indicators and number plate light.