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(jargon, application)
A term which describes a complete system (hardware and software) which can be used for a specific application without requiring further programming or software installation. The user can just "turn the key" (switch it on) and use it.

Compare end-to-end solution.
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turnkey system

A complete system of hardware and software delivered to the customer ready-to-run. In other words, just "turn the key" and go.

A Turnkey Video System
Varto Technologies combines the acclaimed Video Toaster (VT Series) system with a specialized keyboard, PC and Windows to offer a completely integrated video production and editing system (see Video Toaster). (Image courtesy of Varto Technologies, www.vartotechnologies.com)
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18 January 2019 - Orbis Technologies Completes Acquisition of Turn-Key Systems
Orbis Technologies Inc revealed on Monday the completion of the acquisition of the Turn-Key Systems Pty Ltd for an undisclosed amount.
"Tracklt Turn-Key Service was developed in response to customer requests, and reflects Command Alkon's commitment to deliver A+ Customer Experiences," he adds.
On 30 November 2015, El-Sweedy signed an agreement to develop a turn-key solar-power plant with the capacity of 50MW, linked to the feed-in tariff programme, according to company sources.
Lombardia Properties, provides Turn-Key Income Producing rental properties for investors seeking to benefit from Lombardia's industry leading, proven-track record of success of providing better yields, more diversity, and less risk rental property investment opportunities.
Finally, some companies offer home kits that can be finished as "turn-keys"--everything from the weather-tight shell to interior walls, cabinets, plumbing and electrical work.
As turn-key architect, Spector Group will work directly with both Centerline, the tenant, and SL Green Realty Corp, the landlord, at 100 Church Street.
The data center currently has 20,000 square feet of turn-key data center space for colocation tenants, as well as connectivity services in a meet-me room.
"We are confident, even after testing the limits of the 54-inch SBU, that we could bore longer lengths given the right rock and project specifications," said Deborah Tingler, vice president for Turn-Key Tunneling.
Digital Realty Trust Inc (NYSE:DLR), a wholesale datacentre provider, has completed a Turn-Key Datacentre lease agreement with Tata Communications, the global telecomms arm of the Tata Group, an Indian business conglomerate.
"Happy birthday to the Turn-Key Recycling Kit, Happy birthday to you ..." Alright -- it may seem corny to sing about the one-year anniversary of Lake Forest, IL-based W.W.