turning point

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turning point

Maths a stationary point at which the first derivative of a function changes sign, so that typically its graph does not cross a horizontal tangent
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Turning Point

site of first A-bomb explosion; heralded atomic age (1945). [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 11]
disastrous invasion of Russia; sealed Nazi fate (1941–1943). [Eur. Hist.: Hitler, 888–921, 922–955]
Caesar crosses Rubicon
defying Roman law, Caesar moves to consolidate power (49 B.C.). [Rom. Hist.: EB, 3: 575–580]
Cannonade of Valmy
dawn of modern warfare (1792). [Eur. Hist.: Fuller, II, 346–369]
first European use of gunpowder (by British) in battle (1346). [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 382–385]
Allied invasion of France during WWII (June 6, 1944). [Eur. Hist.: Fuller, III, 562–567]
El Alamein
“Desert Fox” outfoxed; Allies gained upper hand (1943). [Eur. Hist.: Fuller, III, 494–502]
Fall of Constantinople
associated with end of Middle Ages (1453). [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 398]
Gettysburg, Battle of
the deathblow of the Confederacy (1863). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 199]
Golden Spurs, Battle of
early victory of infantry over mounted knights (1302). [Eur. Hist.: EB, IV: 608]
Hastings, Battle of
Norman conquest; last successful invasion of Britain (1066). [Br. Hist.: Harbottle, 107]
Khe Sanh
savage siege marks turning point in Vietnam (1968). [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 620]
Magna Charta
beginning of British democratic system (1215). [Br. Hist.: Bishop, 49–52, 213]
Marston Moor
deciding battle of British Civil War (1644). [Br. Hist.: Harbottle, 154]
decisive American victory over Japanese in WWII (1942). [Am. Hist.: Fuller, III, 470–477]
Moon Landing
astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin make history (1969). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2579–2581]
95 Theses
Martin Luther presented his theses at Wittenberg (1517). [Eur. Hist.: EB, 11: 188–196]
Origin of Species
Darwin’s revolutionary theory of human evolution (1859). [Science: NCE, 721–722]
Spanish Armada
Britain supplanted Spain as master of the sea. [Br. Hist.: Harbottle, 19]
Arab onslaught halted by Franks under Charles Martel (732). [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 19]
theory of relativity
Einstein’s contribution to the space-time relationship. [Science: NCE, 843–844]
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Biggest turning point: It was when I got the chance to finally meet my father.
"This is an excellent opportunity to not only show how many lives have been touched and transformed, but also a time to assess how far we've come as an organization, and what the future holds for Turning Point."
Turning Point's chief executive Lord Adebowale said: "People with mental health and substance misuse issues are labelled 'hard to reach' when it's the service that is hard to access."
North Castle Partners plans to partner with Turning Point's management team led by David Vieau, founder and CEO, to further Turning Point's ability to help its clients overcome addiction and learn the skills and confidence needed to lead full, passionate and purposeful lives.
"The turning point was the draw at Chelsea," Allardyce said.
Addressing graduate students and staff of the political science department in Damascus University, Assad pointed out, "There is a turning point in the crisis in Syria in terms of the continuous military achievements ...
9 ( ANI ): The biggest single turning point in modern history was the dropping of the first atom bomb on Japan at the end of the Second World War, a new research has found.
In a preliminary report on the country's key composite index for September, the Cabinet Office revised downward its basic assessment of the coincident index from "weakening" to "signaling a possible turning point." The change tentatively shows the economy is highly likely to have entered a turning point toward contraction, the office said.
In a gripping presentation on the closing day of this year's National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD), Turning Point founder and CEO David Vieau urged an audience of addiction treatment and recovery professionals to offer the kind of client-centered services that took him three treatment stays and numerous setbacks to find.

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