turnkey system

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turnkey system

A complete system of hardware and software delivered to the customer ready-to-run. In other words, just "turn the key" and go.

A Turnkey Video System
Varto Technologies combines the acclaimed Video Toaster (VT Series) system with a specialized keyboard, PC and Windows to offer a completely integrated video production and editing system (see Video Toaster). (Image courtesy of Varto Technologies, www.vartotechnologies.com)

Turnkey system

A complete system supplied by a single supplier.
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The provider of a turnkey system should have a proven track record.
Turnkey systems and individual components for SMC lines, FRP panel lines, mat lines, prepreg treaters, and laminate preparation machines (LPM).
International Turnkey Systems (ITS) CEO, Esam Alkheshnam, said, 'I am very pleased to join hands with Al Akdhar Bank.
International Turnkey Systems provides enterprise integration, facilities management, outsourcing and IT support, customer care and billing system, customer-support services, infrastructure support services and application support services.
Operational results were very strong in turnkey systems but also in the lease-and-operate unit if you exclude writedowns," said Paul Andriessen, analyst at ABN Amro.
EMV offers turnkey systems and shielded environments for development and testing of electronic equipment.
Alpha I specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey systems for heat treating, brazing and wire heating.
Wheelabrator offers a full range of fabric filter designs, from pre-engineered units for local control of dust-generating operations to custom-engineered turnkey systems for a wide variety of industrial processes.
The company offers net weighers with feeders for pellets and chemicals; automatic carton, drum and pail filling lines with indexing roller conveyors; automatic hatching systems for the rubber and chemical industries; feeding, screening and product conveying systems; and total turnkey systems custom-engineered to the most exacting specifications, according to the literature.
Broad line of standard and custom polyurethane equipment and turnkey systems for appliance, automotive, furniture, panel/ insulation, recreation, slabstock and specialty applications.
Turnkey systems for automated, production-line leak/function testing by InterTech Development Co.