turnkey system

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turnkey system

A complete system of hardware and software delivered to the customer ready-to-run. In other words, just "turn the key" and go.

A Turnkey Video System
Varto Technologies combines the acclaimed Video Toaster (VT Series) system with a specialized keyboard, PC and Windows to offer a completely integrated video production and editing system (see Video Toaster). (Image courtesy of Varto Technologies, www.vartotechnologies.com)
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Turnkey system

A complete system supplied by a single supplier.
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As supermarket refrigeration/HVAC systems grow increasingly high-tech, turnkey systems are becoming the wave of the future.
A company providing a turnkey system should offer layout drawings.
Complete turnkey systems and individual machines such as tape layers, tape wrappers, prepreg slitters, pattern cutters, frictionless tensioners for tape and filament, mandrel extractors and cleaners, centerless grinders and wet sanders.
Participation in Cisco's New World Ecosystem fits into BroadSoft's approach of working with companies to deliver customers a complete, turnkey system for service delivery.
In another turnkey system, an automated workcell includes multiple molds for producing different parts, and automatic part orientation and transfer to cartons.
Available either as a turnkey system or as software only, LNVR offers the ability to tailor systems to meet customers' specific video management requirements, choosing the IP camera and storage medium of their choice and employing any computer as their network recorder.
Test cycle time has been reduced to 17 seconds for a complete turnkey system.
Alcatel has ordered from Cegetel a full turnkey system that will enable customers to access a range of online interactive services from a mobile phone.
The company have designed and installed Phase One of a turnkey system, with Phase Two scheduled for installation early in this year.
Preliminary projections indicate an 18 month, or less, payback on the turnkey system through increased productivity and sand quality improvements.