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grass turf or greensward cultivated in private yard or public park. A good lawn, or green, has both beauty and usefulness; its maintenance for golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports is a costly and specialized procedure.
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the living form of herbaceous, primarily perennial plants, usually grasses and sedges. Their axillary shoots grow within the sheaths covering their leaves and emerge without tearing the sheath. This causes the turf runners to grow close together, forming a thick clump. Turfs are typically found in the steppe (for example, feathergrass and some species of sheep’s fescue) and, to a lesser extent, in meadows (tufted hairgrass) and marshes (sheathing cottongrass).


The upper layer of earth and vegetable mold in which the roots of grass and other small plants form a thick cover.


1. the surface layer of fields and pastures, consisting of earth containing a dense growth of grasses with their roots; sod
2. a piece cut from this layer, used to form lawns, verges, etc.
a. a track, usually of grass or dirt, where horse races are run
b. horse racing as a sport or industry
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Vix from Fuzzbox (centre front) performs with a group from Turves Green Girls' School.
Joints should be staggered like a brick wall and turves need to be butted tightly against one another without overlapping or stretching.
The joints should be staggered in the same sort of pattern as a brick wall and the turves need to be butted tightly against one another without overlapping or stretching.
Brush compost into the seams to encourage the turves to knit together then rig up a sprinkler to keep them moist and prevent them curling up at the edges.
Local residents said Turves Road was a main road with a mix of semi-detached and detached houses and some shops.
As long as it fits, you can shove pretty much anything organic down a chipper's throat, including weeds, turves and cardboard.
Gurt turves turning darker grey, burnin aboon oor Maiden-Way their walking-shroud wavers toward us, broaches the subject of cloud encroaches its only obscurity to stay.
THE MOBY DICK FISH BAR, 87 TURVES GREEN, BIRMINGHAM, B31 4AH VErdicT: HHHHI CHARLES Dickens first mentioned chips in print in A Tale of Two Cities in 1859, eight years after Herman Melville's classic seafaring novel Moby Dick was first published.
First, fork over the area down to 6in, removing stones and weed roots, then rake level and fertilise the area with Growmore before laying the first row of turves.
Repair lawn edges, especially around flower and shrub beds, with turves cut from other areas
Although turves are more expensive than seed, they are relatively easy to lay and the result more uniform than seed.
The actor, best known for his role as Vince Pinner in the BBC comedy Just Good Friends, opened the Birmingham South branch of the Paul Nicholas School of Acting at Turves Green Community Leisure Centre in Northfield.