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1. a teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately
2. (at universities, colleges, etc.) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students
3. Scots law the guardian of a pupil


A Scripting language on PLATO systems from CDC.

["The TUTOR Language", Bruce Sherwood, Control Data, 1977].
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An independent samples t-test for unequal variances was calculated comparing the mean scores of tutored (n=57) versus nontutored students (n=809) on Academic Success in Developmental English courses (total As, Bs, and Cs) for Spring 2011.
In these cases, students receive significant training in small group process, similar to what facilitators get in tutored small group process.
The surprising result: In just six months, the reading scores of the tutors jumped by an equivalent of two years--far more than did the scores of those they tutored (Cloward 1976).
However, as Allen reported, cross-age tutors are often more able tutors because they are more competent in the tutored task.
For example, Jean Kiedaisch and Sue Dinitz, after studying how well non-English majors tutored English majors, concluded the following:
The Allyn and Bacon Guide is a textbook for a tutor-training course, guiding students through several weeks of activities such as observing tutorials, being tutored themselves, conducting their first conferences, and analyzing transcripts of conferences.
I still can't do math, but over the years, I've learned about the benefits of tutoring, having been a tutor myself--I tutored friends in chemistry and English, and I served as a reading tutor through Americorps.
Students with below-average reading skills who are tutored by volunteers show significant gains in reading skills when compared with similar students who do not receive tutoring from a quality tutoring program.
Despite what they were reading, practicing, and writing in the tutoring course, when they tutored, they tended to fix problems for the students, explaining to me that such fixing was what their students seemed to want.