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1. a teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately
2. (at universities, colleges, etc.) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students
3. Scots law the guardian of a pupil


A Scripting language on PLATO systems from CDC.

["The TUTOR Language", Bruce Sherwood, Control Data, 1977].
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Genext Students: Genext Students, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled home tutoring education ecosystem, combines the best of private tutoring with technology enabled learning for CBSE, ICSE, national, international and state boards.
In-Home Tutoring Services, the nation's fastest growing in-home tutoring company, has opened a branch in Orland Park, IL and services nearby Lockport, Lemont & Woodridge.
An administrator using the OGWT in a pedagogy course could usefully pair DeCheck's article with scholarship written by faculty, like Jo Mackiewicz and Isabelle Thompson's article "Motivational Scaffolding, Politeness, and Writing Center Tutoring," originally published in Writing Center Journal and also collected in Section IV.
They reported on tutoring students on their research papers, not on their own tutor research.
As with most universities, many institutions provide students access to writing and math tutoring centers.
Keywords: tutoring, developmental education, English, grades, efficacy
We also know that lower performing students can benefit academically from tutoring younger students during cross-age tutoring programs (Juel, 1996; Taylor, Hanson, Justice-Swanson, & Watts, 1997).
Tutoring is best defined as "a method of instruction in which one or a small group of students receive personalized and individualized education from a tutor.
Effective tutoring includes high determination of tutors towards performing of their duties as well having command on skill to work in distance education mode.
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of tutoring in a first year dental hygiene pre-clinical laboratory course.
This Tutoring Franchise is ranked among the top 10 new franchises and one of the Nations top 150 quote-Entrepreneur Magazine 2007.
Tutoring has become a familiar tool that schools use to reinforce classroom teaching and improve student achievement.