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1. a teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately
2. (at universities, colleges, etc.) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students
3. Scots law the guardian of a pupil


A Scripting language on PLATO systems from CDC.

["The TUTOR Language", Bruce Sherwood, Control Data, 1977].
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These tutorship moments are developed by groups composed of two tutors and eight students from different courses.
The report included stories of surgeons being expected to provide sexual favours in return for tutorship, and instances of belittling, intimidation and public humiliation.
The services sector has gained prominence with time as the economy has grown, but it came to occupy the largest proportion of contribution under the tutorship of Shaukat Aziz as the Finance, and later the Prime Minister.
The parental protection in village school period was supplemented with the tutorship of two other important personalities; Mawlana Abdul Qayum13 and Mawlana Rajab Khan, both graduates of Deuband.
Over the next few years, he gained an HNC, BSc and a PhD, worked as a Chief Engineer at Castell Locks, Senior Lecturer, Researcher (completing his PhD at Strathclyde under the tutorship of Stuart Pugh), Principal Lecturer and finally running a Design Consultancy with his wife Gillian.
Tackling the tenth commemoration of the Cedar Revolution, the deputy of the Future reiterated the bloc's commitment to conviviality in Lebanon, as well as to liberty and the rejection of tutorship, tyranny, occupation, hegemony and sectarian extremism.
The quirkily inspirational miniatures by Qudsia Jabeen and Qurut-ul-ain from NCA Rawalpindi denote a younger more edgy tutorship and understanding of neo-miniature.
Pupils are then able to become licensed learner hunters or guides and seek employment for the practical side under the tutorship of a fully licensed PH or guide.
Under Finot's tutorship, they furthered their study of Sanskrit, philology, Buddhist history, and other subjects.
Tahrir Academy has already made a difference for numerous students and educators in Egypt, with many families shifting from private tutorship towards total dependency on Tahrir Academy's curriculum on YouTube alone.
Apart from this, it also a potential substitute for private tutors, who come at a high price, and often destabilise household budgets, not to speak of the differing quality of tutorship they offer.
As a consequence, he was faired from the academic job, and survived during two years from private tutorship.