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Cross-platform distributed transaction monitor middleware marketed by BEA systems. Tuxedo supports the production of scalable client-server applications and the coordination of transactions spanning heterogeneous databases, operating systems, and hardware.

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A TP monitor from BEA Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA (www.beasys.com) that runs on a variety of Unix-based computers. Originally developed by AT&T and sold as source code, Novell acquired it, enhanced it and offered it as shrink-wrapped software for various Unix servers. It was later sold to BEA. BEA Tuxedo and IBM Transarc's Encina are the major TP monitors in the Unix world. See BEA WebLogic.
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She got to the top of the stage, and as her tuxedoed male background dancers stood with their arms wide open waiting for Swift to jump she said, "One second.
The religious overtones in this idea were a bit unsettling (we were talking about opera, for heaven's sake), but at the time, sitting on the Green Hill far away in a congregation of other tuxedoed believers, it seemed appropriate.
Pic's cast was certainly game: Tuxedoed stars George Clooney, Andy Garcia and Vincent Cassel led the pack, while Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle opted for slightly less formal though spiffier-than-usual duds.
Patrons arriving at the opening-night of Romeo and Juliet October 11 faced musicians in evening dress, carrying instrument cases and distributing flyers that accused CB of selling "a full-price ticket for half a performance." A tuxedoed Vriesenga stood next to the line at will call, accusing Fredmann and his board of "perpetuating public fraud."
"New York is a wonderful place," enthused the tuxedoed "Vera Drake" helmer.
A tuxedoed in-line skater wearing a goat mask weaves in and out.
With its twelve tuxedoed diplomats, the first scene recalls the opening of Kurt Jooss's The Green Table.
Sure, some of Carroll's directorial flourishes still give cause for concern, not least the utterly un-threatening assemblage of tuxedoed swells seemingly stuck for keeps on the cabaret-cocktail party groove.
Julie Andrews, debonair and tuxedoed as Victoria in her Victor guise, dances a witty, sensual tango with Rachel York, who plays Norma Cassidy, the hilariously ditzy gangster's moll.
The play proper unfolds as the tuxedoed Arthur, award in hand, celebrates with his family after the ceremony.
There's a rare confidence here, in both the classic French cooking and the tuxedoed service, that sets a tone of comfort and ease -- perfect for diners who love Eisenhower-era glamour but detest the stiff formality that usually accompanies it.
After picking up an award, a tuxedoed Graham has returned to an office setting to find no messages on his answering machine.