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1. A flat sheet of glass, cut to fit a window or door or part of a window or door; often of small size, the larger ones usually being called sheets. After installation in a window sash, a pane is often referred to as a light. A window sash may be divided into a number of small lights, often for decorative or stylistic purposes. The configuration of a double-hung window having divided lights is often specified by the number of panes in the upper sash followed by the word over and then the number of panes in the lower sash; for example, a “six-over-three pattern” indicates that the upper sash is divided into six panes and the lower sash is divided into three panes.
2. A panel of a door, wainscot, or the like.
3. A rectangular division or plane surface of a building.
4. A British term for peen.
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