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The tilde character.


(To make) a small or insignificant change. E.g. twiddling a program often fixes one bug and generates several new ones (see also shotgun debugging). Bits are often twiddled. Twiddling a switch or knob implies much less sense of purpose than toggling or tweaking it; see frobnicate. Bit twiddling connotes aimlessness, and at best doesn't specify what you're doing to the bit; to "toggle a bit" has a more specific meaning.
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(1) In mathematics, the tilde (~) stands for equivalence; for example, a ~ b means "a is equivalent to b" (not equal, but comparable). It also stands for approximation. Officially written as two tildes, one over the other, the single tilde has become acceptable; for example, ~100 means "approximately 100."

(2) In the Unix world, the popular Unix shells, except for the Bourne shell, support a home directory name substitution using the tilde (~). Also called a "squiggle" or "twiddle," the symbol is a prefix. For example, ~ jackson would refer to the "jackson" home directory. See shell and home directory.

(3) In Windows 95/98, the tilde (~) was used to maintain a short version of a long file or folder name for compatibility with Windows 3.1 and DOS. See Win Short file names.

(4) In Spanish, the tilde (~) turns the letter "n" into a "nyeh" sound such as in mañana; pronounced "mah-nyah-nah," which means "tomorrow" and "morning" (tomorrow morning is "mañana por la mañana"). In Portuguese, the tilde over the letters "a" and "o" adds a slight nasal sound to the syllable.
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Instruments lurk in the shadows, and through a doorway glitters the main production area, which has all the switches, knobs, flashing lights and twiddly bits you could hope for in a recording studio.
MUSIC Katie Melua, above, Philharmonic Hall, 0151 709 3789; Wizards of Twiddly, The Capstone Theatre, 0151 709 3789.
Glen said: "I've always seen The Philistines as being a moveable feast so it was my intention to get guests in to play the twiddly bits.
A twiddly jingle after a couple of rounds denoted a bonus round.
Make sure your Accord is UK-spec, and comes with all the twiddly bits like spare keys, handbook, radio code etc.
When not dealing in twiddly folk tunes for the Hobbits, the rest of the sung score dwells in the land of Celtic mysticism--think Enyagoes-anthemic.
On track 4, the guitarist finally comes out of the closet and musically reveals his secret desire to play jazz; while on tracks 5 and 12 different, though equally inappropriate, twiddly guitar introductions are featured.
Just as Lilly reached school, Miss Twiddly Turtle, the teacher, rang the school bell.
He added that, unlike some competitors, "we have no big ego" and Fresco's interface is designed to make it easily customizable for OEMs, right down to "the buttons and the other twiddly bits."
"He had so many twiddly elements with his hands that I couldn't do," Williams recalls, "and then I couldn't do Alvin's isolations with the head." After Ailey received a bad review in Zurich, however, he told Williams, "I'm never going to dance again.
We could even make the ornament mechanically, and do the twiddly bits in plastic without really detracting from the effect (surely Nash, that great master of stuck-on stucco would have welcomed fibreglass with acclaim).